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Tiny Dance Party is now available as the default preset for Synth Matrix

Tiny Dance Party takes arpeggiators to the next level with expression control and polyphonic arpeggiation along with a pinch of randomness.

A different arpeggiator circuit is triggered for each successive note you press. This gives a texture-like arpeggio that evolves throughout your composition.


User Interface and Controls

Rack Interface

  1. Velocity - controls the velocity curve of the output. -1 results in a soft curve and setting it to 0 gives a linear curve.
  2. Random Vel - controls the amount of randomness in velocity of the output notes.
  3. High Notes - Add notes an octave above to the mix.
  4. Low Notes - Add notes an octave below to the mix.
  5. Note Length - Length of the output notes.
  6. Delay Mix - Mixes in some MIDI delay effects.

If you already own Ghost Pianos, you can get this rack for free! Log into your Gumroad account and check the updated download.

The artwork was generated using Algorithms by Ana Ulin

  • Tiny Dance Party - Ableton Live Rack (.adg)

  • Requires
    Ableton Live 11 Suite
  • Tiny Dance Party - Ableton Live Rack (.adg)
  • RequiresAbleton Live 11 Suite
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Tiny Dance Party - Ableton Live Rack

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