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MIDI Matrix for Ableton Live

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MIDI Matrix for Ableton Live

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13 ratings

Unlock the full potential of arpeggiation and sequencing with MIDI Matrix, the advanced arpeggiator and sequencer for Ableton Live.

This Max for Live device was initially inspired by Ólafur Arnalds' Stratus Pianos and offers a unique approach to arpeggiation and sequencing, giving you endless creative possibilities.

What makes MIDI Matrix unique?

MIDI Matrix separates each incoming note and generates a separate rhythmic sequence for each note, creating more complex and musical patterns than a traditional arpeggiator. It also offers more customization options such as adjusting the number of voices and programming patterns.


  • Multiple arpeggiator "voices" (up to 6)
  • Fully programmable patterns
  • Integrated MIDI effects for further sound manipulation
  • Optimized for live performance with a low CPU footprint
  • Presets and demo project to get you started
  • The "Ghost Pianos" rack is inspired by Stratus Pianos and included in the demo project

The Sound

MIDI Matrix can generate a wide range of sounds, from intricate rhythms to unique soundscapes, and can be tailored to fit any style of music. It offers endless creative possibilities, allowing you to shape the sound however you want it to sound


With Pianos - This first piece showcases the use of two stereo-panned MIDI Matrix instances, listen for the intricate and dynamic pianos patterns throughout the track. (also available on SoundCloud)

With Synths - All the "melodies" in this piece were generated by feeding the MIDI output to a monophonic lead. It's also used throughout the song with different synths and pianos in the background. (SoundCloud)

User Guide

Controls and Parmeters

Feel free to reach out to for any questions or concerns.

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"MIDI Matrix" (.amxd) + Demo project (.alp) with presets

Ableton Live SUITE 10.1+


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