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Chamber Motions is a sequencer rack for Ableton Live 11.1 inspired by the Spitfire Audio Symphonic Motions Library. It was inspired by the trailer and walkthroughs of the Symphonic Motions library.

The idea behind the rack is very simple. It just triggers different sets of rhythms and articulations depending on the key you are pressing. But the results are pretty interesting!

Just Holding chords in the demo above. (The extra tracks are string legatos, all the staccatos are generated from the first track containing the rack)

The rack uses the String Quartet pack by Spitfire Audio which is included with Ableton Live 11 Suite Licence.

String Quartet Pack by Spitfire Audio

The rack contains 6 instances of the instrument mapped across the keyboard. Use the knobs 1-6 to control which articulation is being triggered for each note range.

Main Controls

The rack also uses a Max for Live device in each chain to trigger repeated chords. You can edit the patterns for the key ranges independently using the interface of this device.

Chord Repeat device

***Make sure to press the "Write" button after editing each pattern

To turn off a note set the velocity to zero. The x2 button switches the device to half tempo. The number labeled "voices" controls the polyphony for each key range.

The artwork was generated using Algorithms by Ana Ulin

if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to

  • Requires
    Ableton Live 11.1 SUITE
  • RequiresAbleton Live 11.1 SUITE


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Chamber Motions - Ableton Live Rack

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